Our history...

Our history begins in 1999 as a provider of electronic commerce software applications to government customers. After spending several years working in e-commerce and internet applications, our founder, Michael Brunton, wanted to develop some new product ideas in the automotive field. The next 10 years resulted in a focus in automotive LED lighting, gauges, indicators and related electronics. The equipment and capabilities we amassed over those ten years were put to good use when we began designing and manufacturing home and commercial LED lighting in 2009 on a contracted basis. More recently, we have undertaken to bring our extensive electronics, manufacturing, metalworking and production experience to the field of modern LED lighting.

Today, at DarkLight Labs, our process does not involve formulating interesting shapes and sending them off to be made overseas. We have many years experience in engineering, materials, machining, manufacturing, electronic design and production. From conception through manufacture, our focus is on not only exceptional design, but exceptional engineering. Truly, the marriage of form and function.

Our approach

Unfortunately, so much of what we buy today is disposable. Even so-called high quality parts are often just an expensive veneer over a low-cost base. That wasn't the case in the past. Parts were forged, machined, wrought and carved instead of stamped, cast and molded. But the reality is we live in a global economy, and price is always important. That is what makes our approach so rare in today's world. We do not sketch designs and send them overseas to be made. We buy raw metal, wood, polymers and electronic components. We use manual and CNC machinery to cut, grind, machine, turn and finish those raw materials into beautiful shapes. We use our own automated machinery to assemble circuit boards, which we test and install in-house. By maintaining complete control over the entire process, we are able to produce unmatched quality at an unmatched price.

Our form

Beauty certainly is in the eye of the beholder, but quality is absolute. On a DarkLight product, you will not find veneers, castings, stampings or faux finishes. A part made from brass is machined to a precise size from solid brass billet, its dimensional accuracy is verified to within thousandths of an inch, and its finish is applied to meet our own exacting standards. If the form requires a dark hardwood, then a dark hardwood will be used, cut to size precisely and carefully. We do not use veneers of expensive woods over a cheap base wood to create a similar effect at a lower cost. Quality starts with the materials, continues with the production, and ends with the best product we are capable of making, every time.

Our function

Our biggest competitive advantage is our in-house electronic engineering and production capability. There are often artistic people, and technical people. By having both working side by side, there is no compromise in the final product. We are not limited by what off-the-shelf LED arrays and driving circuity is available. If the design calls for a 30 millimeter light engine delivering 1,000 lumens with a 90 CRI, then we will design and build exactly that. If the design calls for a touch sensitive housing on a machined copper base, then we will create exactly that. Only in this way can we ensure form is never compromised for function, nor is function compromised for form. And only by maintaining control over the entire process - from concept to design to manufacture can we ensure this remains true for every product that leaves our building.