Telesto is an LED wall sconce that uses a special acrylic material with light diffusing particles embedded within. LED light is injected into both ends of this acrylic material and through total internal reflection and scattering, the light is evenly diffused along the ] length of the rod.


Telesto comes standard with copper, brass or aluminum end caps and a black walnut or white oak base. Standard lengths of 6" and 12" are available off the shelf, and custom lengths are available up to 6.5 feet long.


Telesto is smoothly dimmable and uses high-CRI ceramic LED's for light output equivalent to a 60-watt incandescent bulb.


Telesto can be customized in different lengths, color temperature LED's and base and end-cap materials. Please contact us for details and lead times.


For more information on Telesco, to purchase or for information on dealers and distributors, please contact us