Sustainability is more than just choosing renewable materials, it is a full-cycle commitment to processes and actions that provide the most benefit for the least consumption. At DarkLight Labs, sustainability is part of our core ethos. It is embodied by the products we manufacture, the technology we incorporate, and the manner in which we produce and deliver those products.

Our facility

Our office and production facility is located in a modern, thermally efficient building. All of our lighting is high-efficiency fluorescent and LED. We utilize minimal overhead lighting and focus on local LED task lighting for efficiency. Temperature control is via "smart" thermostats that only heat the building when occupied, and we rely on local heating in task areas while maintaining a lower temperature throughout the main building. We use vegetable-oil based machining coolant which is fully recycled after it reached the end of it's service life. We recycle all of our metal waste, as well as our plastics and paper.

Raw Materials

Sustainability in materials is one of the most important aspects of running a minimal-impact manufacturing facility. We preferentially buy metals with maximum recycled content, and we recycle all that we do not use. Wood products are an area we have performed extensive research and supplier qualification. We only purchase wood products that are not on the CITES or IUCN lists, which specify woods which have experienced decline in numbers or are suffering over-harvesting. We buy only from qualified suppliers who are certified in their commitment to sustainability. Utilizing responsibly harvested and renewable wood resources increases the value of those woods in their native lands and ensures the resources are protected and renewed, instead of these habitats being cleared for housing developments or being used for burning due to having no commercial value.

Packaging and Products

We only use recyclable paper products for all packaging and shipping. Brown cardboard is one of the most easily recycled products there is - not only in ease of recycling, but also in how widespread the recycling programs are that support this material. We only use paper tapes, cardboard boxes and cardboard internal packaging. We ask that you please recycle all packaging materials that you receive with a DarkLight Labs product.